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Platforms for Health Systems Strengthening

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Tech-enabled health systems strengthening platforms

We help Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) organisations implement and scale technical assistancel interventions and capacity building programmes efficiently. By utilising our platform, HSS professionals are able to deliver high-quality, standardised interventions across the value chain effectively.

A development sector specific HSS programme management platform

We have developed a development sector specific programme management platform. Our platform enables HSS organisations to digitally transform their existing programmes or adopt new ones. The platform enables the rapid and seamless implementation and scalability of quality, standardised health programmes, without the need to increase HR specialist field resources.

Creating tailor-made training resources

For each programme we develop state-of-the-art evaluation, support and educational content. The process to develop this content includes a review of the HSS organisation’s current educational content, resources and tools. Our analysis process ensures we are able to identify potential weaknesses that may be in current training interventions and ensures that gaps are addressed. The digital content created is available in multiple formats including video lectures, tutorials, infographics and assessments. It is available via the platform and curated apps for use by HSS capacity development staff, recipient health care workers and administrators in the course of their daily activities.

An end-to-end platform for all HSS programmes

The platform incorporates a number of technical assistance apps for programme implementation. It also includes reporting functionality that can be aligned with programme-defined objectives. Indicators are standardised and automated to allow for comparability, so the impact of HSS interventions and programmes can be effectively measured and reported on.

A suite of apps that enable efficient HSS interventions

The platform includes a number of customised apps for HSS staff to use when implementing programmes on site. The apps enable staff to easily analyse an environment, conduct capacity building interventions, communicate with their managers, document their activities and findings, and track progress. The apps are compatible with basic smartphones, tablets or laptops and do not require a live internet connection on-site.

Remote monitoring via a comprehensive dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard enables live remote monitoring and management of implementing teams. It includes functionality to download data and visualisations for programme M&E and reporting.