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Covid-19 services

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Responding to the coronavirus pandemic

We have extensive capacity and experience in virology, immunology, vaccinology, pharmacy, business intelligence and public health programmes. In 2020, we added significantly to our existing HIV activities and focused on capacitating South Africa’s Covid-19 response. We were able to pivot our historical experience in HIV and other diseases; this enabled us to effectively maximise the impact of our community programmes and provide strategic advise on Covid-19 interventions. SEAD provided extensive support to companies, government, universities, state entities and sporting bodies in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supporting higher education in their response to Covid-19

We worked with the ‘Post School Education and Training (PSET)’ and Higher Health sector helping them to formulate their response to the coronavirus pandemic. Dr Tucker chaired the scientific panel of Higher Health that developed a significant majority of the Covid-19 related protocols, policies and advisories for the National Department of Higher Education and Training as well as more than 400 PSET institutions. We helped capacitate the PSET Vice-Chancellors, senior management and student leadership on Covid-19 prevention, education, interventions and policies to make the staff and student environment safe.

Ensuring continuity of HIV services during the pandemic

Our public health teams in the field worked tirelessly with the provincial health authorities to provide for continuity of HIV services during the coronavirus pandemic. We also ensured that clinics and remote facilities were able to offer Covid-19 tests with greater ease and quality.

Supporting vaccine mandates in the work environment

SEAD was one of the first organisations to implement a Covid-19 vaccine mandate; 100% of our staff are vaccinated. We worked with numerous organisations to formulate their workplace vaccine mandates, ensuring that companies were cognisant of relevant staff exemptions and how to apply these once the vaccine mandate was adopted.