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SEAD is a specialist healthcare service provider and a consultancy focused on public health management. Through our services we strive to ensure that healthcare personnel at primary healthcare facilities are able to get accurate test results for patients with HIV and ensure they get on treatment. Further, we strive to help our clients keep track of patients so that they remain on treatment.

We do this by providing specialist clinic laboratory interface and pharmaceutical services to healthcare consortiums to effectively manage HIV. In our primary market of South Africa, our services ensure an effective interface between public healthcare facilities in communities across the country and the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS). Our solutions are also used to ensure the effective testing and access to treatment for other communicable diseases.

We have advised global healthcare agencies, companies, governments and foundations in the rollout of healthcare treatment programmes focused on tackling HIV and other communicable diseases in multiple geographies.

We leverage and develop technology to gather, analyse and utilise the data we collect in the course of our operations. This enables our teams, primary healthcare providers and our working partners to make informed decisions and to ensure that scarce healthcare resources are allocated to the areas where they are needed most.

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